2020 Leinster cross country championship
Yet again our proposed dates have to be rescheduled. 
In view of us being in a National Level 5, and that a reduction to Level 2 is likely to be needed to host this event, we are not at present able to provide any indicative dates. The only thing that can be said at present is that Athletics Leinster remains fully committed to holding a 2020 cross country championship, even if it ends up being held in early 2021. So keep coaching and keep your athletes training.
2021 Leinster indoor T&F championship
At this point in time it is very difficult to see an environment in which an indoor competition will be held. As an alternative, we are looking at the possibility of hosting some form of limited Jumps/Throws/Sprint competition in early 2021 in an outdoor environment. In this regard we invite suggestions and thoughts from anyone on this topic - please forward to David at athleticsleinsterindoorsec@gmail.com