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Timetable for the 24th July


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Main Track & Field - IT Carlow South Sports Campus, Mortarstown Upper, Co. Carlow,

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One way system in operation at the track,

Warmup in the pitches behind the track, callroom at the top bend of the track,


Information for parents/coaches for Leinster Juvenile Champs


We request that clubs pass this information to all as it may cause distress at the check in if a parent comes with another adult/child.

Timetable has been published,

If your athlete(‘s) is not completing at the weekend, please let Andrew know @
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Covid form must be completed for everyone attending on the day and can only be done on the
morning of competition.

Masks must be worn at the entry point and wherever you cannot observe social distancing.

There is one entry point and one exit point into and out of the venue.  An admission fee of €5 per adult. Card payments accepted. Remember it is ONE ADULT per athlete. Please adhere to this to allow the competition to flow.

There is only one viewing area available (Down the back straight). Parents should bring their athlete
to the warm up area and wait until the event is called to go to the viewing area. Once your event is
completed, please leave the venue by the exit route. Finalists must also leave and may re-enter in
good time for their final.


Coach information

One coach per club is allowed to assist the athletes with warmups. The coach may be substituted by another coach if required and must sign out at the registration area in order to allow the other coach in.  The name(s) of the coach should be forwarded to us in advance.

Unfortunately, no coaches are allowed onto the track so the athletes will have to find their own mark in the Triple Jump. There is no trackside viewing to the long jump at the track.



The sun is up – we are promised tropical temperatures so please be prepared with: sunscreen and lots of fluids. Make sure each athlete has their own bottle of water.
Athletics Leinster gear will be for sale onsite. JF Sports will be on site with his POPUP Shop.
There is no shop onsite so again make sure to have enough drinks and snacks with you.
Nationals Info:

We are approaching our last day of Leinster Track and Field action for 2021. Many thanks to everyone who has given their time to make the events happen and to the officials and staff at IT Carlow Sport for assisting each day. 

The top 3 athletes in each event will be entered by Leinster to Nationals. If your athlete is away or unable to attend for any reason please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before 29th July. This will allow us to move another athlete into the All Ireland series.

Good luck to everyone in the All Ireland.





Timetable for this weekend 3rd & 4th of July

Only change is High Jump compared to orginally, Junior & Senior Men @ 10am and All Women @ 2pm

Also called out on the timetable is the 'In Time' which is the time you will be let into the Venu, we ask that all athletes are in the venue 40minutes ahead of their event. 


Covid-19 Guidance for Athletes


Covid Form


Live Results / Entries Page

If you're in the wrong age group event for the Track we will fix this on the day.
If you're in the wrong age group event for the Field could you please let me know on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Location IT Carlow South Sports Campus:

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Shoe Rule 5:

As you're probably aware, World Athletics brought in a Shoe Rule for Track & Field Events.
This applies to All National & Leinster Events.
Shoes for races upto 800m can have a sole thickness can be upto 20mm
For Races for 800m and upwards the sole thickness can be upto 25mm.
More information about the shoe rule can be found here:
The latest World Athletics Shoe Compliance list can be found here:
Please review to see if the shoes you plan to run in are compliant, if shown as non compliant please wear different shoes.
If shoes are not listed please ensure their thickness is under 25mm for Mid Distance races.
Athletes found to be in breach of this rule will be DQ.
To give a quick update to everyone on the intended Athletics Leinster T&F programme for 2021. Our T&F Competition Secretary, Carmel Kelly, will provide a more detailed programme of events over the next week or so, but the information below should give some preliminary information to allow your planning to commence.
We appreciate that there will be a small level of disappointment that it is not a full programme, but we know everyone will also appreciate the exceptional circumstances we are presently operating in.
Unfortunately the logistics just won't allow the traditional U9-U11 "Pairs" competition be held this year.
These events are being scheduled for 10th July 2021. In addition, some older age group longer distance events (eg. 3,000m) will be run on this date.
These events are being scheduled for 17th, 18th and 24th July.
Junior, Seniors & Masters
These Championships are scheduled for the 3rd & 4th of July
General matters
  1. The programme of events will only consist of 2021 National level events. Non-championship events (eg. U15 300m etc) will not be held.
  2. The will not be any relays, team events, combined events nor B championship this year.
  3. U12-U16 athletes will be restricted to 2 events.
  4. U17-U19 athletes will be restricted to 3 events. 
  5. The venue is yet to be formally confirmed, but at this stage it is likely to be IT, Carlow for all competition dates.

Leinster Dates for the 2020 XC Season:


TBC - Even Ages, Junior & Senior - Stradbally Hall, Laois

TBC - Uneven Ages, Novice & Master (Provisionally) - Venue TBC

These dates are provisionally and are depended on Covid-19 Restricitons enforce at the time...


Our XC Secretary is working dilgently to secure a venue for the second weekend.

Secondly, compliance with Covid regulations has required some difficult decisions to limit numbers in races and to limit overall numbers on the course. The main decisions being -
  1. There will not be any club competition this year for Even Age races, no club entries nor indivdual entries.
  2. There will only be a maximum of 8 athletes allowed to enter from each county in U11-U19 races.
  3. A decision has yet to be made on the Unevens club teams, but current restricitons makes it extremely diffcult.
  4. There will not be any U10 non-championship race.
  5. There will not be any spectators allowed into the course.
  6. Juvenile athletes will be entitled to be accompanied by one parent only.
  7. Age Groups will be based on 2020 Season for Juveniles & Juniors, 2021 AAI Club Membership required after Janurary.

 Points 1 and 2 above were difficult decisions, but had to be taken. It will be up to County Boards to determine the 8 athletes that will be entered from each County for the Juvenile Races.

There will be Open, Club & County entry for the Juniors, Masters, Novice & Seniors XC Races.
Due to time restricitons we won't be holding a Inter Competition for the 2020 season.


Top 15 Juvenile go forward to National,

There will be no bypass entries for U17-U19 through to Nationals for this year.

For Senior Athletes there is Qualifications this year to National: (ONLY FOR 2020 Season) 

  • First 3 Clubs from Leinster Championships (Excluding Dublin as they qualify via own championships)
  • Plus First 6 individuals from Leinster Championships (excluding those already qualified on club teams & Dublin Athletes)
  • Plus 2019 club and individual winners
  • Plus up to 23 places available to elite/HP/U23 athletes based on European Cross Championship participation over the last 3 years


Also attached are the National Protocols for XC in regards Covid:
Have a safe Xmas and we hope to see you in the fields in the new year :)

Any queries please get in contact with Greg at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The 2020 Federation of Irish Sport Volunteer in Sport awards begin tonight with a live stream available here
Pat Hooper our former chair is getting a special reconigtion awards.
Our current Indoor Compeition Secretary David Denieffe is getting the award for Kilkenny!
Along with Denis Shannon of Tinryland A.C. for Carlow, Graham Hyland of Cilles A.C. for Meath and Colm Walsh of Mullingar Harriers for Westmeath!
Congrats to all the winners it is well deserved!
The Leinster Awards will be streamed tonight, and Pat Hooper special award tomorrow evening.

Pat Hooper (RIP) will also be honoured with a Special Recognition Award at this week’s ceremonies. Pat was a stalwart of athletics and his club Raheny Shamrocks. He was a decorated athlete himself before becoming a dedicated and exceptional coach. He was appreciated, respected and loved by his many, many clubmates, friends and family. His untimely passing last year was felt by the entire athletics community.

Carlow’s Denis Shannon, has been involved in athletics in Tinryland AC, a small running club on the outskirts of Carlow town, for many years. During his time as principal of the local school, he gave great encouragement to his students to take part in both in-school and outside-school events. Denis has also been involved in Tinryland Community Games and in the County and National Games as well. He trains the local children for games and at the County event, he could be seen at the start, at the finish line, in the medals tent, or supporting - helping out wherever and whenever he is needed and always encouraging the children and young adults, regardless of their finishing position. Participation is as important to Denis as a gold, silver or bronze.  

Westmeath’s Colm Walsh coaches a large group of athletes at Mullingar Harriers, and, is responsible for overseeing their development from all ages from 16 to 60. He also organizes events for the club and the athletes, and recently elevated his coaching qualifications to Level 2. He is committed to his own high standards and continued development and is always improving and supporting the running community at his club. You'll regularly see Colm with his stopwatch, face mask and hi viz jacket, timing or channeling athletes from the sidelines. He is an unassuming but organised volunteer and is thorough in his methods to get a job well done with his team of efficient volunteers in Mullingar. 

Meath’s Graham Hyland started up Cilles Athletic club back in 2014 after he realised there was huge demand for the sport from children in the area. He has driven the club forward over the last six years and has coached children of all ages. He has inspired and surrounded himself with like-minded and dedicated volunteers who support his forward thinking, inclusive and hard-working approach. Graham is dedicated to helping youths enjoy their running - whether they want to be competitive or not. His love for athletics is unparalleled, and he has traveled the length and breadth of the country to attend athletics events with the youths of the club and coached them to be the best they can be. Graham is constantly coming up with innovative ideas to improve the club. He has represented Cilles AC at the Meath Athletics Board for many years and has also volunteered on the Meath Board. He is a role model for everyone in the club and through his dedication and hard work, he has put Cilles AC on the map and has given so much to the community around East Meath through the work he has done.  

Kilkenny’s David Denieffe has only been involved in athletics for a relatively short time, but he has made a huge impact on the sport both locally and nationally. His home club, Gowran A.C., has seen a rejuvenation over the past five years, with David as one of the members at the forefront of the surge. His skills in governance and policy writing have helped to put structure on Gowran A.C. and his work in the club has helped them to induct new coaches, increase membership across all age groups, and allow the club to act more strategically. David also has a very active role in the Kilkenny Athletics County Board, firstly acting as the Kilkenny Competitions Secretary and more recently, as the County Secretary. David has a passion for helping all clubs in the region and has been involved in Leinster Athletics for several years, starting off as a volunteer on competition days, and eventually moving into the role of Indoor Competition Secretary which he still holds. Most recently, David has created a workshop for Athletics Ireland in which he discusses the key areas that clubs need to focus on to develop. He has delivered this workshop to over 30 clubs so far and has worked closely with clubs after the workshop to help them create their own plans.

2020 Leinster cross country championship
Yet again our proposed dates have to be rescheduled. 
In view of us being in a National Level 5, and that a reduction to Level 2 is likely to be needed to host this event, we are not at present able to provide any indicative dates. The only thing that can be said at present is that Athletics Leinster remains fully committed to holding a 2020 cross country championship, even if it ends up being held in early 2021. So keep coaching and keep your athletes training.
2021 Leinster indoor T&F championship
At this point in time it is very difficult to see an environment in which an indoor competition will be held. As an alternative, we are looking at the possibility of hosting some form of limited Jumps/Throws/Sprint competition in early 2021 in an outdoor environment. In this regard we invite suggestions and thoughts from anyone on this topic - please forward to David at
Quick update regarding our 2020/21 XC Championships, giving we're going back into lockdown until the 31st of January it means our XC Championship 2.0 dates are now no longer tenable. There are still some counties who need to hold the first day of their championships, which means whenever we're allow competition there will be a slight delay of a week or two to facilitate them.
When we've an update we will let you know.
Fingers Cross it won't be too far away.
Wishing you & your family all the best in 2021!